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WS #2 — Writer / Fighting Cancer

WS #2 — Writer / Fighting Cancer

Tell Us About Yourself:

My name is Laurel May Bond and I’m a happy, energetic freelance writer who was utterly shocked to learn I have stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Wha? I did (and still do) feel great, despite undergoing chemotherapy and monoclonal antibody treatments for the past 11 months. That small detail aside, I am absolutely ‘living the dream,’ as they say!

Describe Your First Experience Floating:

Despite being a bit apprehensive about the darkness of the tank triggering a looming sense of panic I had been wrestling with, my first float was incredible! I was able to reach the same sort of tranquil, yet hyper-creative state I have only otherwise experienced during lucid dreaming and the peace and sense of grounding that I felt stayed with me for days afterward.

Has Your Float Experience Changed Since Your First Float?

Floats are like snowflakes! Each one is totally different and that’s one of the best things about floating! No matter what, I am surprised by my experience in the tank or room; whether I end up having a brainstorm of inspiration, am able to completely relax muscles I didn’t even realize I had, or even if I just fall asleep and dream, my floating experiences seem to always deliver just what I need. (Whether I knew it going in, or not.)

Do You Feel Lasting Effects After Each Float?

The most overwhelming sensation I feel after each float is a sense of perfect peace and grounding. I find that this calm stays with me for at least a day afterwards. I also sometimes find my physical senses heightened post-float, especially my sense of taste. That said, if you enjoy mac & cheese, I strongly recommend a visit to Homeroom after your float. EPIC.

Do Float Sessions Impact Your Work, Habits or Hobbies?

As a person fighting cancer, I’ll take any opportunity I can to support my mental well-being. Floating has given me the opportunity to find and reach within myself a wellspring of calm, quiet determination. Floating is WAY better than Xanax, though for me, at least, it IS totally habit-forming.

How Would You Explain the Experience to Someone Who Was Interested?

You know when you’re about to fall asleep, and it suddenly feels as though you just took your brain off-leash at the dog park? That’s what floating is like, except rather than being in a boring old bed, your body is floating in a silky, warm, quiet cocoon. Ah!

Would You Recommend Floating to Your Clients and Colleagues?

I have and I do and will continue to recommend floating. It’s one of those things everyone should have on their bucket list. Try it at least once, there’s no reason not to. At the very least, you’ll have something interesting to talk about at your next dinner party.

Follow Laurel May Bond at to read her latest experiences with fighting cancer and maintaining a sunny disposition through it all.

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