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Buoy Award: Hack The Hood

Buoy Award: Hack the Hood

This year Oakland Floats is focusing our efforts to put the community first. To that end, we’ve started the Buoy Award program to celebrate people and organizations that lift us up. The Buoy Award is Oakland Floats’ way of appreciating and supporting organizations that are leaders in their fields; creating something unique and impactful that serves the community, inspires and empowers new leaders and works to promote our collective betterment.

For the month of January, we chose Hack the Hood, for their groundbreaking work in hiring and training low-income youth of color and connecting them to small businesses in their communities. We invited 8 staff members from Hack the Hood to come in for a float and a small award ceremony. We hope floating was a great way to rejuvenate and support them in continuing their fantastic work.

Oakland Floats plans on issuing Buoy Awards quarterly. If a local organization inspires you and you think they could use a float, let us know and we’ll consider them for the next round.