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Kind Words From Our Clients

"Clean, well organized, pleasant & welcoming staff. Great experience--very relaxing!"

Susan T.

"This place solidly deserves five stars for many reasons. The environment is spa-like and service oriented while being down to earth and without pretension."

Bill P.

"Without the ever-present bombardment of sight, sound, touch, gravity, smell, heat or cold, who are we? In the tank, we get a hint. And for me it is different every time."

Brad N.

"While visiting family, I thought I might stop by Oakland Floats for comparison to my spot in LA and I must say, I am impressed. Oakland Floats is on-point with the experience I want to have."

Carly M.

"Thanks for all the amazing moments, experiences, creative ideas, reconnection (with my body and my self) and the quiet quiet quiet times that we as humans seem to be missing out on more and more."

Ashley E.

"I highly recommend this place because the owner and staff are amazing, soft, accommodating and caring. I always feel like a family friend visiting their home when I go there. Cheers!"

Michelle Y.

Why We Float

  • Why We Float 1
    Relax deeply
  • Why We Float 2
  • Why We Float 3
    Take care of myself
  • Why We Float 4
  • Why We Float 5
    Get inspired
  • Why We Float 6
    Discover more about me
  • Why We Float 7
  • Why We Float 8
    Take a break from stimulus
  • Why We Float 9
    Let go of tension

Awarded “Best Place for Deep Thoughts”


Find out about our organization, mission, and methods for providing a safe, clean, comfortable and creative place to float.


Learn about floatation, the top 5 proven benefits of floating as well as hear about the diverse reasons of why people float.


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