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January Membership Deal (Get A Free Float)

January Membership Deal (Get a Free Float)

EXTENDED THROUGH THE END OF JANUARY! For those of you making a commitment to self-care in the new year, we’re making it easier for you. For new members or lapsed members or old members switching to our new membership plan, book a float in January and you are eligible to get a free month of membership (with a three month commitment). Our new membership is $55 a month, is shareable with one other person, and includes one complimentary float per month. Unused complimentary floats roll over, so you’re not losing anything if you can’t come in for a while. Additional floats are $55 any time, any day (accept M-F from 1-4 when they’re $50). First month free with a three month commitment means you’re getting 3 floats for $110. After 3 months, if you’re not in love with floating, you’re free to cancel your membership at any time.

Floating has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, relieve minor pain due to inflammation, speed up athletic recovery time, aid in learning, improve cognitive performance, improve hand eye coordination, aid with meditation, and boost creativity. Whether your resolved to hit the gym more, achieve enlightenment or learn a new language, find out how floating can help you on your path.

New memberships must be signed in person, but that’s a great excuse to schedule a float and come in. Your 75 minute float on your sign up day will be free once you commit to membership. You’re free to come in and sign up without an appointment as well and use your complimentary sign up float on another date. If you have any questions about membership, give us a call or schedule an appointment.