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WS #1 – Health Coach

WS #1 – Health Coach

Tell Us About Yourself:

My name is Michelle Dwyer and I am a health coach and nutrition consultant in Oakland, California. I have a Master of Science degree in Health and Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University and have spent over 16 years in the field of education.  My areas of specialty are working plant-based eating plans, food allergies/sensitivities, healthy weight loss, hormone balance and lifestyle management. I work with clients both locally and across the country via Skype or phone. More information about me services can be found at

Describe Your First Experience Floating:

My first time floating was almost two years ago. I felt like I had super-powers afterward.

Has Your Float Experience Changed Since Your First Float?

Each time I float I have a different experience. Sometimes I get relaxed easily and rapidly and other times it can take me a long time to get to that place. When I first started floating my mind kept wanting to know where I was in the tank, like which direction I was facing and where I was positioned. I just finally told my mind that it didn’t matter and ever since then, I’ve been okay not knowing where I was. In my early floats I realized I was clenching my jaw and my butt a lot. Floating allowed me to see this and let go. I think with each consecutive float I am able to go a little “deeper” each session and relax a little more easily.

Do You Feel Lasting Effects After Each Float?

I notice that when I float more consecutively I definitely sleep better. I can have trouble with sleeping sometimes, but when I float regularly, I have a lot fewer issues sleeping. I think my “set point” or tolerance for stress is higher, meaning that it is easier to go with the flow and not let little things upset me. I also find my mind is a lot clearer and sharper when floating. I notice this the most immediately after floating, but the focus stays with me for a few days.

Do Float Sessions Impact Your Work, Habits or Hobbies?

On a recent float, I stepped in and relaxed very quickly and easily and then my mind just opened. One idea after another started pouring out of my brain. It was like an idea-factory in the tank. I almost wished I had a pen and paper in there to write it all down! Everything just kept flowing out, easily and without fear or attachment. First thing I did after coming back to the lobby was get a pen and paper to write everything down.

How Would You Explain the Experience to Someone Who Was Interested?

It is so wonderful to set aside time to be in a space with no light and no sound. We are so constantly bombarded, whether we are conscious of it always or not, with so much artificial light and sound from our computers, TV, phone, radio, etc., that it is so refreshing and relaxing to really get away for a little while. Floating also has allowed me to see where I might be carrying tension and not even realized it. With all other stimuli gone, the body has time to really check-in on itself. My mind is full of chatter, so quieting all that “noise” can be challenging, but at some point in every single float, even my mind goes quiet, and that peace is like nothing else.

Would You Recommend Floating to Your Clients and Colleagues?

I definitely recommend floating to clients, friends and colleagues. I think so many people could benefit. In my own practice as a health coach and nutrition consultant, I can see how it would be useful for people who are: having difficulty sleeping, feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, challenged with food/sugar addictions, suffering with joint pain, pregnant, recovering from illness/injury, and so much more.

Michelle Dwyer’s website is and her email is

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