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Feedback From Our Clients

The following client testimonials illustrate the numerous benefits of floating for the mind, body and spirit. We encourage you to read more reviews on our Yelp page and discover how floating promotes wellness for all.

"My body craves floating when it's been too long between appointments. I absolutely love this place, and I really really really love floating! I am moving soon and am sad to know I'll have to find another place. Hopefully I can find one that is as laid back, clean, and has those good vibes that you want from a place where you go to get good vibes!

Thanks for all the amazing moments, experiences, creative ideas, reconnection (with my body and my self) and the quiet quiet quiet times that we as humans seem to be missing out on more and more.

I'll book one the next time I'm back visiting Cali as you are by far one of my favorite places in Oakland!"

Ashley E.

"This place is amazing!! This was my second float (previously tried another place in Oakland) and I enjoyed it more than the first. It is more spa like and has the option of a float room as well as tanks. I was happy to bring my mom here because she has a lot of pain and cannot handle a massage. Having the room for her instead of the tank definitely helped as it was easier for her to get in. The gentleman there was super nice and added to the whole zen vibe.

To sum things up everyone loved it, and I fell into a state of deep relaxation I could not reach before. I will absolutely be coming back here."

Pucca C.

"Booked a couple floats for our anniversary. The gentlemen at the front desk gave us a short tour and then we were ready to start. The float was so relaxing that when I stood up after my legs were weak for a bit. Next time I'll go at night because I was ready to fall into a deep slumber afterward.

If you need some weight lifted off your shoulders, this is the place to let your troubles float away."

James B.

"Love this place. Conveniently located, lovely helpful staff, and an amazing experience. Floating is like being back in the womb, there's really nothing else out there like it.

You get into a big tank of extremely salty water (they use Epsom salts), and once you close the door it's so dark that you can't see your hand in front of your face, If, like me, you love anything that helps you get a deeper meditation, then this is the place for you.

Love that they had a shower in the room I was in, and that they explained everything to me so thoroughly (do not touch your face while you have the salt on your hands!). Thanks for an awesome 75 minutes guys!"

Laura P.

"What a treat! I've been wanting to do this forever. This was my first sensory deprivation float and I got a wonderful 75mins of weightless relaxation - and it was like nothing I've felt before. The feeling of zero gravity is really unique, the water is warmed to body temperature - so you feel fully merged with the water and it's like you can't feel where your body ends and where the water begins! I imagine it's like floating in the dead sea...

In the beginning I was a little confused about whether I was "doing it right" - thoughts went through my mind like how long will it take me to get into the deep meditative state I read about? Am I meant to float this high, should more of my body submerge? Will I still float with this much ease if I removed my neck pillow? Then I made the mistake of sitting up and a little salt water from my hair dripped down my face, and ouch - into my eye. Stings!!

Eventually I let myself enjoy and appreciate what I felt as how it's supposed to be, and noticed the sore muscles around my neck was melting away, it was nice to have all the usual environmental stimulation and noise removed and be just with your mind and body. And I drifted off.

I came to when soft spa music waded into the chamber, time was up! I left the spa feeling light and dream-like state. At the same time excited for the next experience - will definitely like to do this again and see how much deeper I can go.

Oh one thing - you do not want to do this with any cuts on your body. It's highly concentrated salt so it WILL sting!


Nat F.

"I just had my first float here and it was amazing!

Location: easy to find and within walking distance of lots of cool food, as well as MacArthur Bart. It's literally an 11 minute walk. It's easier to just take Bart so you don't have to worry about parking.

Staff: Arianna was super friendly! She showed me how everything worked and explained the process really well, including tips for a good experience. She really helped put my mind at ease.

Facilities: the lobby was very clean, calm, and well lit with natural light. They provide cucumber water and tea for after.

Room: I chose a room just in case I felt the need to stand up or stretch. It was very comfortable and clean. The rooms come with their own shower. Towels and amenities were neatly laid out and labeled. They also provide ear plugs so you don't have to worry about getting water in your ears.

Float: incredibly relaxing. If you're worried about your head sinking, there's a neck pillow to help keep you afloat, but you really don't need it. I'm an anxious person that can't swim, but it's amazing how quickly you float the second you lay down. I had no fears of drowning (which I usually do when water is involved). When your float time is up, they play relaxing music so you know to wash up.

It was a great experience and I will definitely come back!"

Danielle G.

"Thank you Oakland Floats for being the best 75 minutes of stillness in my life. I have been coming to Oakland Floats for a just over a year now and I am thankful this unique experience exists. I had never even heard of sensory deprivation before floating but as a bodyworker, I am very much affected by my clients' energy which can leave me feeling very drained, both mentally and physically. Floating allows me to relax and recharge. I refer my clients here because just like massage therapy, we all need some time to calm the nervous system and refocus our intentions."

Kaylie S.

"Wow, just had my first float at Oakland Floats last week, what an amazing experience it was. I had heard so many positive reviews before arriving that I only hoped the experience would live up to the expectations, let me tell you, they did!

From the moment I walked in I felt like I was in a much more relaxing state, from the fruit on the counter and relaxing tea, to the private room and personal robe to shower before and after my float, the experience was top notch.

Before the float the attendant Michael told me I might feel some unexpected neck tension as my body relaxes without gravity, even as a chiropractor at The Source Chiropractic I was really surprised how much neck tension I was carrying. It was uncomfortable for about 15 minutes but I could slowly feel my ligaments and muscles relax into a nice comfortable position getting rid of the stress I was carrying. The rest of the float I was "floating" between two states of consciousness, self awareness and total relaxation, the Epsom salts and magnesium really left my muscles feeling at ease afterwards. I'm definitely going to recommend Oakland floats to many of my patients as a perfect way to complement their chiropractic care.

John and his team are amazing, thank you!"

Jordan F.

"Floating is an incredible experience both physically and mentally. I highly recommend it for anyone who practices meditation and wants to take it to the next level. Muscle relief is also a result of floating. I have never experienced deeper relaxation in my life."

Mari W.

"While visiting family, I thought I might stop by Oakland Floats for comparison to my spot in LA and I must say, I am impressed. Oakland Floats is on-point with the experience I want to have: 1. Tour at the beginning with knowledgable staff. 2. Tanks are spacious and much roomier than what I currently use 3. No noises, no light, no senses = sublime experience 4. The delicious water was perfect at the end. If I lived locally, I would certainly have a monthly membership and regular schedule. Thanks!"

Carly M.

"Oakland Floats is clean and well-managed. First of all, floating/sensory deprivation is like a rocket ride to a meditative state. There is a bit of a learning curve--like all things, practice is key. However, even my first float relaxed and energized me. If that doesn't make sense, you have to try it. You exit clear-minded, creative, rested and healed in many ways. I think it's like defragmenting your internal hard drive. I have found the staff very helpful--just ask about the earplugs (you need to manipulate them in a particular way to get them to fit right and be comfortable). And, if you're worried about claustrophobia, start with a room rather than a tank. I find the tank temperatures much nicer. Really, this is quite a service to have this in the community. If you run hot on anxiety, are work-obsessed, or are into mindfulness at all, this is a must. WAY better than a massage--much deeper and longer lasting."

David B.

"WOW!!!! What an amazing experience! My hats off to the others who were able to put such a sensation into words. The only thing I can say is if you haven't "floated" then shame on you! This is definitely something that I can use to balance out my busy life with something extremely relaxing! The facility and the staff only enhance my time there."

Jackie H.

"This place solidly deserves five stars for many reasons:

- The environment is spa-like and service oriented while being down to earth and without pretension
- The staff is professional, knowledgable, and very nice
- Nice choice of tanks and float rooms (see below)

The price also just can't be beat. Get the monthly membership and the cost per float (including the membership fee) is barely more than the local competitor's Living Social deal, and you can get it when you want in your own time. Seriously, with so much amazingness I just can't recommend going anywhere else.

A note about what the rooms and tanks are. A float room is basically like a tank but twice the height. Think bathtub plus shower stall (but much nicer). It's nice for first-time floaters who might find the tanks a bit claustrophobic (though both have night lights you can use to ease yourself into the sensational silence), and you can actually step into the float room standing up. There are two float rooms and two tanks, so four actually floating spaces. Each one is in its own actual room with clean towels, clean sandals, fresh earplugs, etc. They're really nice, and they give you the privacy and luxury of your own pace in going into and getting out of the float."

Bill P.

"Since 1981, I have floated more than 50 times. I think of floating NOT as "sensory deprivation" but as a form of relief from the constant tyranny of sensory stimuli. Without the ever-present bombardment of sight, sound, touch, gravity, smell, heat or cold, who are we? In the tank, we get a hint. For me, each float has been different. Some have been boring, some almost hallucinatory, some shockingly visual and real, and sometimes I have felt deliciously sensual (even lacking any stimuli), and several times I have heard myself snoring. This morning I was telling an old friend who lives in Arizona that I had a float scheduled for this afternoon at Oakland Floats, just a few blocks from my home. Back in 1981 my friend floated once. Today he said, "That is still one of the most amazing experiences of my life." Thirty-three years later! It is different for everyone. And for me it is different every time. This afternoon? Just pure relaxation. A little snoring. A few visuals. No big deal, I thought. Half an hour later I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in a year. She said, 'You look great! What have you been doing?'"

Brad N.

"From the knowledgeable and friendly staff, to the cleanliness and welcoming feel, to the experience itself and the ultimate feeling of relaxation after-- I love Oakland Floats. Not going to lie, I compare other float centers to this place and recommend people come here for their first time floats. Definitely purchasing a membership."

Leilani W.

"Oakland Floats rocks!

I am a a bit claustrophobic so I was definitely nervous going in there, but I still gave it a shot. I absolutely loved it; It's relaxation to the max. At first it can be a weird feeling because its hard to find a comfortable position for your neck, but they provide you a pillow which really helps!

They provide you with a room all to yourself where you shower before and after entering the float. The water is body temperature, so it was perfect. You don't have to worry about anything, the water flow keeps you floating up.

When you come out you feel fresh, relaxed and stress free! I love it!"

Elizabeth C.

"Oakland Floats is *the* best floatation place I’ve ever been to. Easiest to book, cleanest by far, excellent value, and most hassle-free and pleasant in just about every way you can think of.

Well-deserved 5 stars for Oakland Floats!"

Shara M.

"I had a really wonderful experience last week at my first “float” of my life at Oakland Floats.

It’s amazing how far one can go with the relaxation when there’s nothing -literally- to hold you back. After perhaps 50 minutes I could tell that something in my brain “switched” and I was in some sort of other head space. I read afterwards that 40-50 minutes of floating elicits “theta” waves in the brain, so that sort of confirmed my experience. The most amazing thing is that the relaxation and peace has lasted almost a whole week! It feels like some one pushed the reset button on my brain, in the best way possible.

The folks at Oakland Floats are also super warm and not new-age creepy. Really professional place. Highly recommend giving it a shot, especially if you feel some resistance to trying."

Thomas N.

"In a 75-minute ‘float’ I managed to relieve a lot of tension in my upper and lower back, my knees, and even in my neck. I feel rested without having slept and feeling strong without having exercised.

I would absolutely recommend to my overwrought over stressed friends and family who have a difficult time turning off Technology. The location is not ‘hippy dippy’ as some others I have heard of. A nice clean facility with shower included. I would suggest that for your post float clean up that you bring your own toiletries so that you can leave feeling like yourself.

I will be returning!"

Kira G.

"My husband took me to Oakland Floats as a birthday gift – it was our first time for both of us. We’re both experienced meditators and probably had some preconceived ideas of what we would do once we were in there – but honestly we just really let ourselves go and dropped any agenda.

It was such a unique experience – floating utterly weightless with not sensory input. This isn’t something one would experience anywhere in the world, and one that our species hasn’t evolved with. I found it incredibly beneficial – like a “reset” button had been pushed. I don’t know if it’s an increase in the theta brain wave activity, or the absolute cessation of stimulation – but I felt so very relaxed, but clear and alert afterwards. I thought 75 minutes was a manageable amount of time. And I really appreciated that the style of Oakland Floats is more like a spa with a modern, wry sense of humor, than some dippy hippy mystic mumbo jumbo.

I would recommend anyone to go check it out. It’s a truly unique experience for the human condition and there’s not many of those that we have the chance to try out."

Kristina S.

"Awesomeness! I am totally claustrophobic so I was a little nervous but the tanks did not bother me at all! The atmosphere is perfect. The water feels amazing and nurturing, the staff are friendly and helpful, the facility is super clean and the experience is well worth it! I felt like I was floating three hours after I left the tank.

I found 75 minutes a little (a lot) long. I would suggest going for 60 minutes if that is an option. I would go here again without hesitation."

N. Y.

"Beyondananda baby! This is the ultimate healer. Floating (equalizes nervous system) in 1000 lbs epsom salts (detoxifying, muscle relaxant, buoyancy) truly takes you to a place of review, renew and reset. If you haven’t tried it yet – do it!

I have healed some deep and relentless adrenal stress. What does that mean, you wonder – doesn’t matter as much as telling you that if you have a city lifestyle – work (computer), play, work some more, kids, drive, etc. you have adrenal stress.

This formula of total darkness, zero gravity and total quiet is what the body should have in nature for its reboot. However, we have street lamps on all night, signage, clock radio lighting, computers and more that keep the body overstimulated. This will reboot your system and bring a peacefulness you will welcome.

I highly recommend this place because the owner and staff are amazing, soft, accommodating and caring. I always feel like a family friend visiting their home when I go there. Cheers!"

Michelle Y.

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