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  • Why We Float 1
    Relax deeply
  • Why We Float 2
  • Why We Float 3
    Take care of myself
  • Why We Float 4
  • Why We Float 5
    Get inspired
  • Why We Float 6
    Discover more about me
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  • Why We Float 8
    Take a break from stimulus
  • Why We Float 9
    Let go of tension

Floating is experiencing a surge in popularity and public awareness, due to high profile endorsements, pop culture acknowledgment, and astonishing claims as to its many benefits; however, floating is not a new idea.

Developed in 1954 by Doctor John C. Lilly, floating as we know it today is the product of over 60 years of enthusiasm and scientific research. We’ve collected resources to back up its purported benefits as well as client testimonials. Find out what floating can do for you.

Top 5 Proven Benefits of Floating

1. Deep Rest and Relaxation

Now more than ever, we are bombarded by information and stimulus. We’re constantly connected through our phones, computers, watches, entertainment systems, and every other peripheral device. Technology, connectivity and endless information can work for us, but only if we take the time to pause, reflect, process, decompress and recuperate. You take the time to recharge your phone. Take the time to recharge yourself. Floating has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep quality.

2. Improved Work Performance

You may feel like you have a lot to do and not enough time to do it. With so much new information to learn and process it can become hard to see the big picture through your brain fog. Overworking yourself can yield sloppy results. Burnout is real and all too common; however, it is avoidable and treatable with proper self-care. Floating has been shown to reduce the effects of burnout, improve memory retention, and boost cognitive performance.

3. Better Athletic Performance

As with your mind, your body needs proper care and maintenance. Whether you’re starting to hit the gym, practice yoga, jog, play a sport or any new physical endeavor, initial results can be discouraging. The first few days after any new regimen, your whole body is stiff and achey. You might be thinking about your poor form and lack of coordination. Even for long time enthusiasts and professionals, the urge to push yourself can wear you out or cause injury and derail your progress. Floating has been shown to help your body process lactic acid faster and improve recovery time, improve hand eye coordination, and reduce inflammation, supporting your efforts to improve and maintain your body as well as your mind.

4. Support Holistic Wellness

Your body is your primary vessel for experiencing and navigating the world around you. You have it for life. Love your body and help it help you, it’s more impressive and powerful than you think. Studies have shown that floating helps modify destructive habits and aid in smoking cessation, managing alcoholism and addiction, and phobias. Floating’s anti inflammatory benefits can help manage chronic pain, which is often the cause of many other conditions. Floating is not a cure all, but it can be a powerful tool in aiding your body’s own regenerative capabilities.

5. Boost Creativity

Boosting cognitive performance and memory retention is not just the concern of working professionals. For students at any level, professional, academic, or hobbyist, learning is a lifelong and highly enriching pursuit. Whether you’re studying for a test, memorizing a presentation, learning a new language, learning an instrument or improving skills you already have, take a break to strengthen and your neural connections. Floating has also been shown to boost creativity. Many of us forget from time to time that the function of work, whether professional or for self-improvement, is to help enrich and support life. Floating provides the opportunity to live better by understanding the world within us and our connection to the world around us.