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Lucia No.3 Light Machine At Oakland Floats Saturdays And Sundays

Lucia No.3 Light Machine at Oakland Floats Saturdays and Sundays

We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be hosting Optasia’s Lucia No.3 Hypnogogic Light Machine at Oakland Floats for the next few months.

The light machine will be available at Oakland Floats Saturdays from 4PM – 9:45PM and Sundays from 9AM to 9:45PM through the end of the year.

45 minute light machine sessions will be $55 for members and $70 for non members. We may offer longer sessions in the future, so keep an eye out (facing the light, preferably closed)!

Many of you have tried the Lucia No.3 in the past and have enthusiastically returned whenever we’ve hosted the light machine. For those of you who love the light experience and those curious to try it for the first time, we’re thrilled to be able to support your interest on longer ongoing basis.

For first timers, 45 minute light machine sessions will include 1 to 3 brief demos and a longer session at the intensity you prefer. Returning experiencers can receive demos if they prefer or opt for more of their appointment time in the light.

Space is limited, so reserve your session online or over the phone today!

Many who tried the light machine last time, myself included, reported a transportive, visually spectacular, relaxing and centering experience. I didn’t expect the intensity or vividness of the imagery: crisply defined, geometric patterns, turning in opposing concentric rings. A calming sense of wonder.

The light machine is fantastic on its own or when paired with a float, either before or after.