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Oakland Floats is now home to the Lucia No.3 Light Machine

Why Lucia Light?

The Lucia N°03 offers the benefits of a very deep meditation, through accessing an expanded state of consciousness almost immediately. The light stimulates temporary harmonic brain wave patterns in the brain usually only found in the brains of people who have been meditating for decades. The light helps the user access the Theta state as well as high Alpha patterns, often associated with joy, intuition, creativity and high concentration.

With a series of regular sessions on the light (a series of at least 5 is recommended for optimum benefits) you can literally train your brain to reach this optimal state at will. Even after one session it is easier to drop into a state of deep meditation as your brain knows where it’s going!

Reported benefits include:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Sense of wholeness/oneness and emotional stability
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved physical healing
  • Release of beneficial hormones related to health and longevity
  • Reduced fear and depression
  • Increased sense of inner peace
  • Increased intuition
  • More restful sleep
  • Access to Astral travels and inner journeying

What to Expect

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Avoid any alcohol or Caffeine before your light session. Check with your Doctor if you are taking any medication. If you have a history of epilepsy or seizure disorder, we advise that you try floating as a great alternative.

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Arrival and Check in

Check your confirmation email for our super secret code to get in. Ascend our winding staircase and check in with our Float Host at the front desk. You will fill out our intake form if you haven’t done so online.



Be guided to our private light room by one of our expert light hosts who will get you situated in our ultra comfy chair and provide a blanket if desired. They will brief you on what to expect and answer any questions. The light host will stop the session immediately if you feel uncomfortable in any way.



Your Light host will provide headphones and music at a volume level that you are comfortable with. Music enhances the experience as the mind combines the two stimuli, generating synesthesia – the experience of seeing music. Light travelers can choose from our offered selections (such as solfeggio frequencies) or bring their own music (preferably without words).

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Sit or lay under the light with arms and legs uncrossed. Close your eyes, and the journey begins. For first timers, 45 minute light machine sessions will include 1 to 3 brief demos and a longer session at the intensity you prefer. Returning experiencers can receive demos if they prefer or opt for more of their appointment time in the light.



You will know when your session is over when the lights completely stop. Your light host will check-in with you and gently guide you to the lounge area where you can decompress, drink some hot tea, snack on some fruit, read some books, simmer in your deep, tranquil state and reflect on your unique transcendental journey!