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WS #8 – Chiropractor

WS #8 – Chiropractor

A graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, Dr. Brett Jones is dedicated to giving, loving and serving his community with the chiropractic adjustment and the chiropractic principle. He has trained in MLS, Professional Applied Kinesiology, Bio Geometric Integration, Upper Cervical Knee Chest and Webster technique for pregnant women to name a few. Click for more for more information on his practice.

Tell Us About Yourself:

Since we are what we tell ourselves, I am LOVE, an overwhelming and unconditional love. I will continue to increase my expression of love by creating habits of empowerment, making value guided decisions, and purpose driven actions. I choose to live in the pure potentiality and possibility of the NOW. I am a better person today than I was yesterday. I am LOVE.

As a service to humanity, I help increase the expression of life force in all things living. I facilitate the natural ability for the body to heal by removing blockages of energy and restoring communication to the innate wisdom residing in each and every one of us.

Describe Your First Experience Floating:

My first float experience was less than ideal. I say this while laughing because it was my own fault. Make sure you pay attention to the instructions during your initial orientation!

So, I enter the room, take my pre-shower, and then begin to enter the float chamber. With my feet in the body temperature water, I then proceed to squat down and let myself recline to my back. Immediately I was surprised of the feeling of weightlessness as the salt water began to support my body (not a feeling I usually feel as 6’4”225lb man). The chamber was dark, silent, and I was in the midst of a 7-day water fast… talk about the perfect set-up for an awesome meditation! However, I then proceeded to make a rookie mistake.

After floating for some time on my back, I got the bright idea to flip over on my stomach. I then also thought, “why not submerge my head?” Wrong move. As the saltiest of salt water began to penetrate my lips, eyes, and nostrils, I rolled back to my back and began to squeeze everything I could out of the little clean water squirt bottle they put in there with you. No success, my face was inferno. I cut my first float short and went and licked my wounds in the shower.

Has Your Float Experience Changed Since Your First Float?

Yes! I learned a huge lesson following the first one, haha. My experience gets better and better each and every time I go. I find myself bringing new questions to each subsequent float, reaching the meditative state quicker, and connecting more and more to a state of EASE.

Do You Feel Lasting Effects After Each Float?

I definitely feel lasting effects after each float. The most superficial and noticeable effects are the increased mobility of my joints and decrease in muscle tension. However, I like to consider those “side-benefits” of floating. The most desirable and highest value effect that I receive from floating is the increase of mental clarity and direction of purpose.

Do Float Sessions Impact Your Work, Habits or Hobbies?

As an artful and innovative chiropractor, I rely heavily on the performance of my body and clarity of mind. Float sessions meet my need for rest and relaxation and are in integrity with my mission of total life optimization.

How Would You Explain the Experience to Someone Who Hasn’t?

Floating is the perfect way to give yourself some time to break away from the day-to-day hustle and bustle, collect yourself, and discover a new perspective that will allow for more ease in your life. Plus your body will feel great too!

Would You Recommend Floating to Your Clients and Colleagues?

Already do. All my patients, family, and friends know about Oakland Floats!