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Ayurveda Health Talk At Oakland Floats

Ayurveda Health Talk at Oakland Floats

Curious about Ayurvedic medicine and how it can help you? Join us Monday, April 14 at 7:30 pm for our latest free health talk. Eden Tosch from Eden Ayurveda will be presenting “Ancient Ills:  What Ayurveda says About Stress (and what to do about it).” Eden will cover:

  • a mini-intro to Classical Indian Medicine (Ayurveda)
  • Ayurveda as the medicine of the ‘modern world’ (and why!)
  • Stress and the modern world; it’s immediate and long-term effects
  • What Ayurveda says about managing stress with food, lifestyle and herbs
  • a show and tell with healing herbs

Eden is also currently finishing up our wellness spotlight so we will have a chance to hear about her experiences in the void and how they can relate to managing stress.  For more information on Eden Ayurveda, visit the website and her yelp page.

Participants at the talk can receive discounts on float 3-packs and memberships.