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Oakland Tribune Takes The 3-Float Challenge!

Oakland Tribune Takes the 3-Float Challenge!

Bay Area News Group correspondent Elicia Schmidt-Hopper writes about Oakland Floats and takes our 3-float challenge (here’s the link).  We think one float is great on its own, but three times can really give your mind and body a better idea of what it is like to float on a regular basis.  You know those benefits we always go on and on about?  Like reduced blood pressure, increased blood flow, release of endorphins for pain relief, a healthy dose of magnesium (great for people suffering from type II diabetes), and the slowing down of brainwaves resulting in increased relaxation and the potential for introspection — those are more pronounced and longer-lasting the more you float!  So don’t wait — buy our First-Timer 3-pack and see what all the fuss is about.