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Thank You For Five Amazing Years

Thank You for Five Amazing Years

Thank you, Oakland and the Bay Area, for coming to Oakland Floats these past five years.

From today, May 1st, until Monday, May 8th, buy two 75 minute floats for $120. Buy as many as you want, book a float now or save them for another day. Stock up for yourself, share the experience of floating with a friend, or gift a couple credits to someone who needs them. That breaks down to just $60 a float, $25 off the regular price of a 75 minute float, $5 cheaper than our first time floater price, except anyone can buy it, whether it’s your 1st, 2nd or 100th float. It’s the best deal aside from becoming a member! Buy your Anniversary Special online, give us a call at 510-423-8772, or schedule a float and buy your Anniversary Special when you come in.

Thank you again for these past 5 years, we hope to serve you for many more.

Click Here to Buy Your Anniversary Special!