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New Online Booking System!

New Online Booking System!

With the end of August and beginning of September comes big developments at Oakland Floats. To better serve you, we’re making some major redesigns and upgrades, the first of which is a new customer database and online booking experience. Today, Monday, August 22nd, we’re switching from Booker to MindBody who we feel is better equipped to support us and your client information as Oakland Floats continues to grow.

“What does this mean for me?”
For those of you who book over the phone or in person nothing will change. For those of you who prefer to book online, you’ll have to update your bookmarks (if you have them) and your login passwords on or after today, August 22nd.

“What about all my float credits or unused gift certificates?”
We still have those! We’ll still have a record of every client who has been at Oakland Floats, including your name, email, preferred contact number and all unused credits and gift certificates; however, for your safety and security, we will not be merging over payment information on file. We’ll have to update your billing the next time you buy a service from us. We also won’t have your visit history, so please excuse us if we ask if it’s your first time floating with us! (There’s some new faces here too)

“What about all my floats for 100 Days of Blue?!”
We’re keeping track! For those of you who have reached your goal or are still working towards your 10 floats before September 27th, you’ll still be entered in our drawing to win a free month of floating.

“I’m a member. Is there anything I should know?”
Starting today, we’ll have to update your payment information on file so your membership doesn’t lapse! We’ll send out another reminder on Monday and reach out to all members by phone to keep you on board. We sincerely hope you’ll stay with us. As previously mentioned there are other major developments on the horizon for Oakland Floats very soon, from which members will benefit the most!

More Developments Coming Soon!

We will be closed from September 6th to September 13th for renovations. The float rooms, Ringo and Ravi, are being replaced with brand new upgraded float rooms.

To better provide you with a peaceful, quiet experience, we’re changing our schedule.Our hours will stay the same (9am – 11pm everyday except 4pm-11pm Tuesday), but all of our appointments will start on the odd hour: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm and 9pm. This means no filters turning on next door right when your getting to the good part, no orientations on the other side of the wall pulling your back from hypnogogic bliss, and no loud groups coming through the lobby right when you’ve lost track of your physical form! We’ll also be installing several sound dampening measures during the week of September 6th to step up our status as the East Bay’s “Best Sensory Deprivers.”

If you have any other questions or concerns, leave a reply and we’ll get you all the information you’d like to know.

Upwards and Onwards,

Oakland Floats