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More Floating In The New York Times

More floating in the New York Times

The New York times can’t get enough of floating. Though their previous piece had a general air of trepidation, the periodical seems to be warming up to the idea, like cozy skin temperature water filled with a 10% Epsom salt solution. Float tank therapy, though technically around since the mid 1950’s, is experiencing an unprecedented surge in popularity as people from all walks of life discover its wide range of benefits: from relaxation and pain relief, to relief from anxiety, depression and insomnia. As floating becomes more known, commonplace, and continues to be researched, its purported benefits will be further defined and legitimized beyond the realm of endorsement and anecdote. Of course we still greatly appreciate any endorsement and love hearing stories of peoples positive experiences with floating, but a little hard data goes a long way in enticing skeptics or people on the fence.