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Holiday Sale!

Holiday Sale!

Today, December 17th and tomorrow, December 18th, buy $50 floats in any quantity! You can come in for a discounted float or stock up on cheap floats for the new year while the sale is active. With Christmas coming up next week, floats make a great last minute gift idea. Call 510-423-8772 to buy one over the phone or shop online and look for “Winter Float Special.” Click “add to cart” over and over and over again.

Through the end of the year, Oakland Floats T-Shirts are on sale for $15 and all books are 10% off.

Resolve to Float
Until January 15th, we’re waiving the membership fee for all new members. In addition, any current members who refer a new member get one month free membership. No matter what your resolutions are for the new year, floating can help you get there. Floating isn’t going to take off all those extra slices of pie and glasses of eggnog, but it has been shown to speed up recovery time and improve muscle tone. For any of you who have decided to hit the gym or pickup yoga again after a long time away, you know the full body aches and stiffness that can deter you from committing to your new habit. Float those aches away and be ready in time for your next session. Floating has also been shown to aid in smoking cessation and addiction treatment. For those going back to school, studies have indicated floating can improve memory retention and cognitive performance.