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Floating on a regular basis is a healthy addiction and the benefits create a cumulative effect on your body. Our members report longer-lasting shifts in their health, happiness and ability to deal with the daily stress of life. If you think you would like to float on a regular basis and are interested in our membership program, give one of our float hosts a call at (510) 423-8772.



Three month minimum, SHAREABLE with up to one other person


Over one month off compared to the monthly membership

  • Includes one float per month
  • Sharable with one other person
  • Additional Floats are $55
  • $60 off Super Floats

Have a business and want to reward your employees? We can customize a corporate membership where your employees can come float and have you to thank for it. For more information, contact John Balquist at

Floating For Groups

We can support up to 4 people floating individually at a time in our 2 tanks and 2 chambers. If you have more than 4 people, we can arrange to block out a longer stretch of time and let you have the float parlor all to yourself. Also our float parlor is big enough for a small gathering (8-10 people), so consider us next time you want to have your next meeting in a unique setting.

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