Woman in Float Tank, Oakland Floatsfloat·ing verb, adjective \ˈflō-tiŋ\

  1. : Being buoyed up on water or other liquid.
  2. : Having little or no attachment to a particular place.
  3. : The act of entering a float tank, laying down in 10 inches of warm saltwater, free from gravity and light, and entering into a state of deep relaxation, pain relief, and creative exploration.
  4. : Something you do at Oakland Floats, San Francisco Bay Area’s largest float center.

BioSound™ Biolounge at Oakland Floats

October 24th&25th Only At the Portland Float Conference back in August, we got to experience the BioLounge first hand. It’s an ergonomically-contoured, memory foam bed that resonates at subsonic frequencies. When used in tandem with their binaural beat audio compositions, piped through noise-cancelling headphones, it provides an extremely relaxing, therapeutic sound massage that takes you […]


Last Wednesdays – $45 floats

Floating just became easier on the wallet.  $45 floats all day on the last Wednesday of the month. No need to bring in a friend, start a membership, or buy a package. Make your reservation today.


Now Open Tuesdays

Oakland Floats has extended into Tuesday from 4pm-11pm.  Take advantage of our weekday deal with a friend (2 floats for $99) or simply recharge during the middle of the week.