Woman in Float Tank, Oakland Floatsfloat·ing verb, adjective \ˈflō-tiŋ\

  1. : Being buoyed up on water or other liquid.
  2. : Having little or no attachment to a particular place.
  3. : The act of entering a float tank, laying down in 10 inches of warm saltwater, free from gravity and light, and entering into a state of deep relaxation, pain relief, and creative exploration.
  4. : Something you do at Oakland Floats, San Francisco Bay Area’s largest float center.

Huff Po Spotlights Floating

Writer Michelle Rose Gilman at the Huffington Post expounds her discovery and new found love of floating. “I have since floated many times, and every time I float I go deeper and deeper into myself or maybe it’s away from myself,” Michelle writes, “A 2001 study found spending time in the floatation tank showed a […]


Oakland Floats is Best of the Bay!

The East Bay Express has awarded Oakland Floats “Best Sensory Deprivers” in their 2015 Best of the Bay issue. Floating is meditative, physically and mentally restorative and creatively inspiring. “Some patrons liken floating to meditation, others argue that it fosters creative thinking, and still more tout its capacity for psychonautics, or exploring the mind.” Come […]


Summer Special!

4 Day Summer Special, $49 Floats from June 29th to July 2nd! Experience 75 minutes of relaxation in the womb-like environment of our float tanks and emerge with with renewed clarity, like seeing Oakland on a long, beautiful July day for the first time. Schedule a $49* float or grab two for $98 and save […]