woman float tank oakland floats shadow Homefloat·ing verb, adjective \ˈflō-tiŋ\

  1. : Being buoyed up on water or other liquid.
  2. : Having little or no attachment to a particular place.
  3. : The act of entering a float tank, laying down in 10 inches of warm saltwater, free from gravity and light, and entering into a state of deep relaxation, pain relief, and creative exploration.
  4. : Something you do at Oakland Floats, San Francisco Bay Area’s largest float center.

WS #6 – Ayurvedic Practitioner

Tell Us About Yourself: My name is Eden Tosch.  My abiding interests in holistic healthcare, human potential, both collective and individual,  and all encompassing systems of thought initially drew me into the study and practice of Ayurveda. The efficacy, rigor,  creative relationship between states of challenge and ease have inspired me to continue on this […]


Discover Magazine covers the floating trend

Calling sensory deprivation North America’s avant-garde drug, Discover magazine explores the world of floating, its history and the science behind it.  Click for the link.


Ayurveda Health Talk at Oakland Floats

Curious about Ayurvedic medicine and how it can help you? Join us Monday, April 14 at 7:30 pm for our latest free health talk. Eden Tosch from Eden Ayurveda will be presenting “Ancient Ills:  What Ayurveda says About Stress (and what to do about it).” Eden will cover: a mini-intro to Classical Indian Medicine (Ayurveda) Ayurveda […]