woman float tank oakland floats shadow Homefloat·ing verb, adjective \ˈflō-tiŋ\

  1. : Being buoyed up on water or other liquid.
  2. : Having little or no attachment to a particular place.
  3. : The act of entering a float tank, laying down in 10 inches of warm saltwater, free from gravity and light, and entering into a state of deep relaxation, pain relief, and creative exploration.
  4. : Something you do at Oakland Floats, San Francisco Bay Area’s largest float center.

Super Floats!

Oakland Floats is now offering Super Floats.  What is that?  A Super Float lasts up to 3 hours and 15 minutes (you are basically taking up two back-to-back appointments). Your body will sink into deeper meditative trances, longer lasting bouts of pain relief, and fight off insomnia or jet lag.  Become one with the void?  Sign us […]


Benefits of Epsom Salt

Ever go to your doctor/chiropractor/acupuncturist/bodyworker and they recommend you soak in an epsom salt bath after treatment?  There are good reasons for that.  Below are the many benefits epsom salt provides, and each one of our tanks has 700 pounds of it. Improved heart and circulatory health, reducing irregular heartbeats, preventing hardening of the arteries, reducing […]


Let Your Imagination Soar

Unencumbered by light, sound and gravity, the mind is free to wander in a sensory deprivation tank.  As your brainwaves slow down, you enter a meditative state of “A-Ha!” where epiphanies and self-reflection are commonplace.  Make an appointment today to meet yourself in a whole new way.