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WS #7 – Yoga Teacher

WS #7 – Yoga Teacher

Matt Flasher is an East Bay yoga teacher and a regular spirit at Oakland Floats. One of our most ardent supporters, we asked him to elucidate on his floating experience.  Matt teaches private individual and group lessons and can also be found at the Launching Pad in Berkeley. His website is

Tell Us About Yourself:

My name is Matt Flasher and I am passionate about healing. I began my healing path when I found yoga at the age of 19. Since embarking on my yogic journey, I have noticed immense changes in my life and the world around me. As my consciousness has shifted from an awareness of objects to an awareness of space, I have felt a deep inner peace and joy beginning to emerge. I whole-heartedly have felt the stillness, the presence that yoga has to offer. I wish to share this ancient practice with as many souls as I can, helping to light the way along this beautiful path we find ourselves on. As of now I primarily teach an ancient Tantra yoga practice, but I am also trained in Vinyasa.

Why Did You Decide To Try Floating?:

Along this incredible journey, I have sought out many healing modalities, as I feel there are infinite paths all leading to the beautiful depth of our ever-present truth. Floating appealed to me on many different levels. A space to be completely and utterly alone, still, and present. A place in which, without question, all that is experienced comes from within you. A place to observe the ebb and flow of the mind without any distractions.

Describe Your First Experience Floating:

My first float was…interesting. It was such a new experience, and I have to say it felt a little strange. For the first part of the float I moved in and out of presence. At some point I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I felt the wonderful effects that people always talk about. I felt so present, centered, grounded. I felt so relaxed.

Has Your Float Experience Changed Since Your First Float?

Absolutely! It has become more and more potent each time. Each float has been more relaxing than the last, more deeply meditative. I have dropped into presence more quickly each time as the sensation of weightlessness has become less foreign.

Do You Feel Lasting Effects After Each Float?

Without a doubt. Each time I get out of that tank, I feel lighter. Each time I have released old thought patterns and emotions I had been holding onto. I always leave feeling more spacious and I carry that with me out into the world and all the way to my next float.

Do Float Sessions Impact Your Work, Habits or Hobbies?

They have brought a much more relaxed state to my yoga teaching and practice. With each float I feel more connected to the source and more able to teach, practice and heal in a still state of presence.

How Would You Explain the Experience to Someone Who Hasn’t?

Imagine yourself as a duck, peacefully floating on the surface on a lake. You need not use any energy, but rather absorb it from the eternally flowing well in the heart of your being.

Anything in particular about Oakland Floats that you like?

Amazing staff coupled with a peaceful and exceptionally clean environment!

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