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The 2nd Tank Arrives

Our 2nd float tank has landed!  Now you can float with a friend, bring along a curious family member, or surprise a loved one on date night.  It also means we have twice as many appointment times available.  We can't…

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Nominate us for an Oakland Indie Award!

We've been nominated for an Oakland Indie Award as an "Innovative Newbie!"  You can nominate us as well by going here. Just scroll down to the "Innovative Newbie" section and tell them why we should be nominated.  You also have…

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The 2nd Float Tank has been ordered!

We just recently ordered our 2nd tank, which means by mid-April you will be able to schedule floats with a friend!  Stay tuned for more information, we will let you know when dual appointments can be made.

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Gift Certificates Available!

Now gift certificates are that much easier to get for your friends and loved ones.  We now have a "Gift Certificates" page on the website that takes you directly to the GC page of our online store.  Maybe you're not…

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The Reviews Are Coming! The Reviews Are Coming!

The Yelp Reviews Are Coming! The Yelp Reviews Are Coming!

Thank you to our first initial Yelp reviews, you've made our week.  And if you haven't used your $40 float yet, what are you waiting for?  Don't postpone relaxation!

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Open House – March 3, 2-4pm

We will be opening our doors to the public on Saturday, March 3 from 2-4pm.  We will raffle off free floats.  Here's your chance to see the tank in person and realize, "Hey, it's a lot bigger than I thought!"…

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OF Sign

Our Sign

Steve from Berkeley Signs has created a beautiful rendition of our logo that now hangs over our front entrance.  Handpainted with gold highlights, it literally changes as the earth rotates throughout the day.  Sometimes the gold is electric, sometimes the…

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Tank Arrival

The tank is here!  We were a bit worried about bringing it up a flight of stairs and around corners, but the beauty of a Samadhi floatation tank is that's what they're made to do.  Coming in several puzzle pieces,…

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Oakland Floats has been furiously renovating since early December to get our space ready.  From color schemes to showers, flooring and paint, the space has slowly taken shape.  We imagine it will still be a work in process when people…

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